Yanay: Social Sentiment and Polling


by Joel Bennett

Sometimes a pivot makes itself evident in a unused feature, but sometimes it comes in the form of an unexpected customer.

Curt Meinhold‘s customer discovery has resulted in both adding valuable product features and identify early adopters. Yanay has evolved from a passive survey tool, toward an engagement platform for hyper local insights, and now a broad ranging consumer sentiment platform for any small business or organization.


Team Y – Week 6 : MVP Demo First Draft


And he has customers! He has closed four deals including a municipal police department and a university extension agency.  He has even shipped an Alpha version to a first customer in just Week 8 – a local municipal arts and events department here in the Triad.

​These early adopters want actionable insight into what their customers are saying about them on social media and a net promoter score based on direct survey feedback.


Team Y – Week 8 : MVP Beta and Customer Testing