Live the Dream. Be a Hero.


Note – Room scale virtual reality is growing at an unprecedented rate. Last week another $100M startup investment accelerator fund expanded to the US market. 

Leading Role’s first MVP is a game called CyberThreat. The team has created a marketing strategy and plans to demonstrate the product/market fit, validation and traction with a release on Steam this week. Based on a wide spectrum of entertainment/gaming marketing research, they are populating the plan with media content and executing on schedule. Their anticipated launch date is August 11. They created a website called that focuses on the games exciting content and is actively promoting to influencers on social media.

Game play and level design have been refined for CyberThreat. They have been adding more fun elements into the game, examples include;

  • Blowing up an ATM and being showered with money.
  • Balloon targets for practice   
  • Moveable manhole cover, a view into the city below, but be careful of the mechanical spiders.

The local Virtual Reality Meetup raved about the game during a demo last week! 

Sherlock Holmes

Hannah Ashford tells us:

“Product development has continued for Leading Role’s MVP Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia. We defined the scope of our Demo Day test experience; one scene, Holmes and Watson interview the King of Bohemia, including the three characters fixed in Holmes’ study at the Baker Street location. One character will be playable, Doctor Watson.”

A Concept Artist has been contracted, a game design aesthetic has been developed, and artwork is being generated daily. An additional 3D modeler has been engaged, and modeling is expected to commence shortly.




The scene script has been tentatively locked, but will remain flexible as game mechanics are tested; and a talent search has also begun for performers.
Programming for game play and character animation continues. They have ordered additional equipment for facial performance capture. The expectation is, which they will be vigorously testing, to capture both the motion and the vocal/facial performance at the same time.