Collect, analyze, and visualize everything.

Three weeks ago, Scout IoT had validated a market need and opportunity for 3 different kits of wireless sensor kits.  Since then, they have moved ahead with the design, development, and business planning needed to bring each kit to market.


Kit #1

Remote monitoring of facilities and manufacturing equipment, they have moved from hand-built prototypes to the final specifications of both the physical device enclosures and printed circuit boards (image below) as a lead up to a pre-production run. They will have first articles in hand in a few weeks and plan on obtaining both FCC and UL certifications in anticipation of a public launch.

Screen capture from Slack. The final design of the device's printed circuit board (PCB).

Screen capture from Slack. The final design of the device’s printed circuit board (PCB).

Kit #2

Measuring the indoor environment of commercial buildings. Collecting and analyzing a wide range of environmental conditions including: movement of chairs, temperature, humidity, ambient light, etc.  They have sourced a hardware supplier, conducted intellectual property due diligence, and started creating a marketing plan and branding materials in anticipation of running large-scale pilots and garnering pre-sales. (First generation MVP website shown below and


Kit #3

Monitors and collects data wirelessly from OEM equipment in hospitals. They met with successively larger hospitals who have shown interest in the concept while continuing to build out a proof-of-concept hardware and software prototype.  They think there is great promise in this market, but the barrier entry is higher. As a result, they have chosen to focus most of their resources on the first two kits before pursuing this third market.


This is all just the beginning.  They keep coming up with use cases for wireless sensors on a (nearly) daily basis.  While no one knows quite what the future will look like, they are confident that it will be filled with wireless sensors in a plethora of different sizes, price points, ranges, and use cases.  Brendan Younger said:

“We’re on the cusp of that future and very excited to be helping create it.”